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No code News may 2023 : AI and discovery of the Ksaar tool

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May 23, 2023

Welcome to the May No code news! In this news, we talk about the many new features of the best No code tools, so you can be up-to-date with the latest updates. So sit back and enjoy the first terraces and the warm spring weather.


We start with the new features of Bubble

  • The editor has been improved, for texts and images, it is easier to visualize the inputs and to work the elements on the Canva.
  • The left tree has also been improved and is now more readable with the addition of a selection state.
  • Change on the settings, possibility to customize an element without influencing the Style settings.
  • New Bubble home screen, more modern and more user friendly.

View of the different bubble features

All in all, Bubble has some good new features, but users are waiting for more answers to their many questions about the recent price increases.


We continue with the new features of Flutterflow:

View of the different flutterflow features

  • Real-time collaborations are now available. You can work with several people simultaneously on the same project and that's great 👍
  • Custom code in main.dart : You can now define a list of custom actions that can be called at the beginning or end of the main() function.
  • Image for dark mode : you can now specify a different image for dark and light mode
  • Widget to theme widget, you can customize and save specific themes for your widgets.

View of the different flutterflow features

  • Import API definitions in one click
  • Update conditional actions, add If/Else options in your action flows.
  • Supabase integration in Flutterflow, it allows you to authenticate emails.
  • Razorpay integration, it allows Indian companies to easily accept credit card payments.
  • Selection of several widgets to modify them simultaneously.

View of the different flutterflow features

  • Big update on Data Type: Data is no longer bound to Firestore, you can use it in the App/Page/Component State and in the API variables. This new feature will greatly simplify the creation of Data type in custom codes without Firestore.
  • Custom Dialog Actions, which allows you to, for example, create custom drop-down menus for a dynamically generated list view and have that dialog appear next to the list item.
  • Paste the style from one widget to another using a simple copy and paste.
  • Custom breakpoints allow you to set a finer responsive layout by letting you define what pixel width your responsive triggers target.
  • For those of you who have access to AI Gen, simply describe the type of color theme you want to generate a palette to match your request. You can then preview how these colors will look in your existing designs.
  • Search in the widget tree: locate specific widgets by typing their name.
  • Double-click in the components to search and open the component to the group you want to edit.


At Webflow, the overall performance of the platform has improved thanks to many small recent updates to the tool. Your websites should now be faster.

View of the different webflow features

Other updates this month:

  • You can now remove yourself from a workspace without having to wait for an administrator's response.
  • It is now possible to add components to your collection items.
  • You can make your sites private in their settings, this allows you to create a site just for you and your collaborators.


View of the different airtable features

Airtable launches its AI feature! AI integration allows for task automation and informed decision-making. The goal is to improve operational efficiency and maximize productivity through intelligent automation and strategic use of data.

By using these tools, users can not only save time, but also fully exploit the potential of their data to make more informed decisions and achieve their goals faster. For the moment, its AI is available is test version.


View of the different zapier features

On the side of Zapier the AI is also making its effect! Today, it is possible to update your text in python and JavaScript code. Before, Zapier allowed users who knew how to code to create very powerful workflows within their Zaps. Now it's even easier! Just ask what you want to integrate as an API, and the tool will automatically generate all the code you need.

With all these new AI features, we're entering an ultra-simplified technology era. Zapier's AI is currently in Beta.

Discovery of the month : Ksaar

Founders of Ksaar picture

Today, we present you Ksaar a French accessible No code tool created in 2018 by Benoît-Marie FLACH and Marouann Cheikh. Ksaar allowing you to create applications without code, with its drag and drop editor, the tool is easy to use.

Being a 100% secure and RGPD compliant tool, it is ideal for developing your applications in-house. The tool is also very complete, with detailed documentation and tutorials for any type of developer (beginner, confirm and expert). Ksaar is connected to more than 3,000 applications and is robust enough to receive information from multiple applications.

One of the other interesting features is that you can completely customize the access of your application to your collaborators.

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Noxcod helps companies train their teams in No Code, whether it's through training, coaching, or even creating apps for you. The Noxcod team guides you and provides you with the basics of No Code development.

That's all for the May news, we'll see you next month for the next Nocode News.

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